How to use VPN on manjaro XFCE?

I want to use a VPN on MANJARO XFCE . I’ve been using manjaro xfce for couple of months and I’am completely new to the CODING field , all I’am good is at copying and pasting codes.
Can anyone tell me the good VPN and which is easy to use.

ProtonVPN, in AUR you have also simple gui to setup it. NordVPN also is good and simple.

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If you are wanting a good vpn with an easy to use gui then try mullvad. Works really well with Linux and there’s a simple to use gui in the aur

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Which country are you in?
If your in a country that has a firewall blocking the open Internet, not all VPNs are going to work (well) and the VPN’s site could be blocked anyway.

I use VPNAC. It offers 12 simultaneous connections, Wireguard protocol, which is easy to configure in the terminal, and for me has been faster than OpenVPN, which it also provides. It also has browser extensions for its secure proxy.

i’am from india,
can you help me with the codes ,how to install and use.

What you need to do is choose your VPN provider or find a free VPN servers availiable in your country (wouldn’t recommend).

They usualy provide their own VPN client or OpenVPN configuration files.

Manjaro has the OpenVPN client by default. It is a commandline program for which you may use a graphical front-end if you are not comfortable with using it via terminal. Your GUI network manager might have it included but I am not sure since I’m not an XFCE user. If you can’t find it check the repositories and find whichever you like.

You do not necessarily need the config file you can also conect using the servers address, login, etc.

EDIT: here is the command you’ve been asking for. It will open the manual pages for the openvpn program:
man openvpn

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Have a look at the the websites for the VPNs that I, @Tomek and @sawdoctor have posted, but there are many more to choose from. @Howcome is right about free VPNs; I wouldn’t trust them.

Good VPN providers should have tutorials for their services.

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