How to use Valve ACO Mesa Driver on Manjaro?

Currently, I'm using Mesa from mhwd. I would like to switch to using Valve's ACO Mesa driver for improved game performance. A handful of the games in my library benefit from ACO that I know of, so I want to switch from using mhwd-mesa to using what I believe is mesa-git, which installs as a dependency of mesa-aco-git (amongst other things such as llvm-git). What is the best way go to about removing the mhwd mesa and installing mesa-aco-git (and lib32-mess-aco-git by extension)? Will this also remove my lib32-mesa package? I am unsure whether or not this installed as part of mhwd. I read another thread, but it was almost three years old at this point and said something about keeping mhwd due to dependencies. Fiddling with drivers - especially core ones like graphics drivers - can be a little scary, and I want to make sure I have the lowest possible chance of hecking it up.

So in short, what's the cleanest way to install mesa-aco-git and lib32-mesa-aco-git on Manjaro Linux?


Be warned that installing a development package like this could at best be buggy and at worst break things.

An AUR helper like pamac or yay will handle everything for you. Here's a preview:

$ pamac build mesa-aco-git lib32-mesa-aco-git
Cloning mesa-aco-git build files...
Checking mesa-aco-git dependencies...
Cloning lib32-mesa-aco-git build files...
Checking lib32-mesa-aco-git dependencies...
Resolving dependencies...
Checking inter-conflicts...
To install (4):
  lib32-llvm           8.0.1-1                                multilib   26.3 MB
  llvm                 8.0.1-3                                extra      32.1 MB
  meson                0.52.0-1                               extra      
  ninja                1.9.0-1                                community  
To build (2):
  lib32-mesa-aco-git   19.3.0_devel.20191004.6c3bad5214b-6    aur
  mesa-aco-git         19.3.0_devel.20191004.6c3bad5214b-5    aur
To remove (10):
  lib32-mesa           19.2.0-2                               multilib
  lib32-mesa-vdpau     19.2.0-2                               multilib
  lib32-vulkan-intel   19.2.0-2                               multilib
  lib32-vulkan-radeon  19.2.0-2                               multilib
  libva-mesa-driver    19.2.0-2                               extra
  mesa                 19.2.0-2                               extra
  mesa-vdpau           19.2.0-2                               extra
  opencl-mesa          19.2.0-2                               extra
  vulkan-intel         19.2.0-2                               extra
  vulkan-radeon        19.2.0-2                               extra

Total download size: 58.4 MB
Total installed size: 375.3 MB
Total removed size: 226.0 MB


$ yay -S mesa-aco-git lib32-mesa-aco-git 
:: Checking for conflicts...
:: Checking for inner conflicts...

==> Package conflicts found:
 -> Installing mesa-aco-git will remove: mesa-vdpau, mesa (mesa-libgl), mesa, opencl-mesa, vulkan-intel, vulkan-radeon, libva-mesa-driver
 -> Installing lib32-mesa-aco-git will remove: lib32-mesa, lib32-vulkan-intel, lib32-vulkan-radeon, lib32-mesa-vdpau, lib32-mesa (lib32-mesa-libgl)

==> Conflicting packages will have to be confirmed manually

[Repo Make: 4]  ninja-1.9.0-1  meson-0.52.0-1  llvm-8.0.1-3  lib32-llvm-8.0.1-1
[Aur: 2]  mesa-aco-git-19.3.0_devel.20191004.6c3bad5214b-5  lib32-mesa-aco-git-19.3.0_devel.20191004.6c3bad5214b-6

Worked like a charm! Thanks! Everything seems fine for now, for what it's worth, but as you said definitely worth keeping in mind that development drivers can always be unstable! Great stuff, thanks!

Hi, is your Hardware configuration in Manjaro settings manager working after installing mesa-aco package? (mine shows nothing and I want to find out if this caused it)

mine works

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