How to use two operating systems in one laptop?

Actually, In window operating system, I want to run Linux operating system for that I’m using When did I set up the Get Kali | Kali Linux file with VirtualBox then it’s working fine but interface is not coming and here I need help.
Please give me helpful suggestion.

Thak you.

None of the mentioned software has anything to do with Manjaro.

It would make more sense to ask for assistance from Kali or Virtualbox or Windoze sources, if those are the things you are using.

Ok thanks for your reply.

It appears you are using Windows and want to run Kali as a guest.

This forum is a specialized forum dealing only with Manjaro Linux running on bare metal.

Virtualization platforms like HyperV, WSL, VMware and possibly others are unsupported.

That said - if you used the Kali VirtualBox image - you need to configure the VM settings and point to the host interface to be used by the VM.

As I said that I’m using VirtualBox and that worked well and suddenly I got that error. As you saying to use VMware then ok, I’m going to try this too.
Thank you.

I am not saying that - there is no support for virtualization.

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Oh, sorry for misunderstanding!

This is neither a Windows nor Kali support forum.