How to use Secure Boot with Manjaro and Win10?

I just want to get rid of the Menstruation-like-Red backscreen when opening my computer

I searched for Secure Boot - ArchWiki

But the first code drives me mad:

# cp /usr/share/preloader-signed/{PreLoader,HashTool}.efi *esp*/EFI/systemd

Where is esp/EFI/systemd???

esp is the acronym for EFI System Partition - sometimes shown as $esp.

But as the efi partition is not required to be mounted for a system to load - and esp can be mounted in any reasonable location - esp usually refers to the mount point of your efi partition.

Default Manjaro installation uses GRUB and has the esp mounted at /boot/efi

systemd-boot requires the esp to mounted on /boot and with a reasonable size as systemd requires the kernel images to available on that partition.

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