How to use Manjaro Plasma?

I used to use Solus Mate for a period of almost three months. Just a week ago on Wednesday Solus Mate wasn’t able to boot. Whenever I tried making Solus Mate boot last week on Wednesday and Thursday it just kept showing the boot screen of Solus Mate for more than ten to twenty minutes. Why did this happen? How do I take good care of Manjaro Plasma and use it as a platform for learning Computer Science and making software?

We can’t know without a lot more information. That said, this is the Manjaro forum, not Solus’. So please keep the queries to Manjaro.

  1. Read the #announcements
  2. Don’t do something unthinking and/or stupid. :wink:
  3. It’s as stable and safe as you want it to be and how you treat it.
    2.1. It depends on YOU.
  4. It’s a rolling release, so it might not seem as stable as, say, Debian but, as I mentioned, it depends on YOU what you do with it and want it for.


  1. Don’t be afraid of it. But don’t be reckless and impulsive, either. Have respect for it: it can make your life easier or harder. Much like people, it highly depends on what you put into them/it.


CAN be done from a book, IMHO.

Well, it depends on what software you want to make. There’s not just one type of software. And by type, I mean, business software, games, mobile phone/tablet software, Apple software or something else entirely. Yes, it’s that wide a field. You’ll have to decide for yourself, and stick to it, whatever challenges may be on the way.

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I use Manjaro KDE. If you’re asking how to install this version, simply pick the Plasma version of the Manjaro ISO on the downloads page. As for how to take care of it, I use KDE exclusively for 10 years and rarely broke the desktop itself; When I did it’s because I messed with configs or something rare happened. Make sure to keep your ~/.config and ~/.local directories backed up as a general rule.

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