How to use fastboot to install img on pixel

I am trying to get Manjaro ARM (or any mobile linux OS) on my Pixel 4.

The device is unlocked. I got an img here: kdebuild manjaro org /images/dev/
I unzipped it so it’s just an image.

Multiple questions:

  1. fastboot flash system Manjaro-ARM-lomiri-pinephone-dev-20210108.img
    –outputs: fastboot: error: cannot load ‘Manjaro-ARM-lomiri-pinephone-dev-20210108.img’: Permission denied

I have tried many different flash commands and everything is permission denied. Any ideas what this is about?

  1. Do I need to get a specific bootloader and flash it? Where can I find the img if so?

I looked at a flash-all script for my Pixel 4 img zip, and it has:

fastboot flash bootloader bootloader-flame-c2f2-0.2-5799621.img
fastboot reboot-bootloader
ping -n 5 >nul
fastboot flash radio radio-flame-g8150-00014-190826-b-5830341.img
fastboot reboot-bootloader
ping -n 5 >nul
fastboot -w update

Do I need the radio as well? Where do I find the image?

Hello and Welcome to the forum,

Omg noo. This will be a dead device.

I hope you’ve read the filename, it saysPinephone which means this image is for pinephone.

No idea as we do not have support for the device in question and currently we’re not working on supporting as of such device.

No idea.

No image available for halium supported android devices sorry.

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IF you want to flash your device with some other OS, then you could look at this Smartphone Selector | /e/ documentation

There are more places that offer OS for phones, I would recommend using a simple google search.

Bummer. So there’s no OS that basically works on any phone even if calls , text, etc aren’t working? Every single image is hand built for a specific piece of hardware?

I have researched it all day and found a variety of mobile operating systems, but Manjaro seemed the best so I wanted to try it. Apparently I need to buy a pine phone, flash OSs to the SD card to quickly test it, and if I find one I like, then I can work on putting on specific devices like Pixel.

Edit: Do either of you have an opinion on current mobile OSs available? I have read so much conflicting stuff. I wonder which is most developed and user friendly. I was hoping to just test them but it’s clear it’s not as simple as slapping it on a device.
Ubuntu Touch
Pure OS (Used on Purism phone, but not sure yet how it works on ARM device)
Sailfish OS (Not sure if I can use in United States which is my location)
Lune OS
Postmarket OS

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The closest you’ll come to installing Manjaro ARM on your Pixel at this point is with Andronix: