How to use AUR?

Hi, I am fairly new to Manjaro and Linux as a whole. I am interested in using AUR packages however in add/remove program under preferences it is not showing up.

Any help would be much appreciated, thank you

In /etc/pamac.conf uncomment the enable AUR option like so.

## Allow Pamac to search and install packages from AUR:

## When AUR support is enabled check for updates from AUR:

## When check updates from AUR support is enabled check for vcs updates:

## AUR build directory:
BuildDirectory = /var/tmp

@biffa Have a look here:

Thanks for the reply, after doing this, AUR still does not seem to be accessible in the package manager

Thanks for the reply, but I cannot see an AUR option in the pamac preferences

There should be one… this is on my computer:

Please open your eyes :crazy_face: If it is really not there, then post a picture here to prove it. :slight_smile: Can’t imagine it is not there…

Software mode enabled within Pamac?

Please read the wiki before using AUR. It also tells you how to enable AUR.

Thanks everyone for the help, had software mode enabled as pointed out by @Falav

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