How to update ZOOM?

Please help me. I need to update ZOOM to later version. I downloaded the update file but don’t know how to install/Apply Please help me.

If you installed it from the AUR, rebuild the AUR package.

I installed Zoom like this in Terminal: sudo snap install zoom-client. It did it for me. Now i must update to a later version.

I’m relatively new to Manjaro (I LOVE IT though) had minimum experience with Linux OS.

Well sudo snap refresh zoom-client I guess.

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thanks but it comes back and says ‘no zoom-client installed’ But i’ve been using Zoom for over a month. Thank you

Not sure what the latest version is but

latest/stable 5.7.6-31792.0820

Is what is showing on snap store. I have zoom installed from the aur. If you enable snap aur and flatpak if you want in the pamac gui (add/remove software) you’ll be able to see what versions of zoom are available on the 3 platforms and install the one you want. Just open pamac go to preferences enable them and the type zoom in the search, it will show all the versions available and where from

Thank you for your reply. I click on “Run Pamac” but nothing happens? So I’m stuck I really want to learn how to use this OS. I worked on DOS 2.2 up to Windows 10 only. Must get to know my way around Manjaro/Linux.

In pamac GUI look what version you are using. I do not recommend the snap version.

Look the capture image of my GUI. I use AUR which is my recommendation.

Just run in terminal
sudo pamac update

For flatpak
sudo flatpak update

Edited: If you have another version installed… FIRST uninstall that version first from the pamac GUI.
Click over the garbage can jar. Then run the update from the terminal or install from the GUI .

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Thank you for your guidance. I will try your method and report back. Thanks again