How to update without breaking manjaro stable release

Hi, everyone,
I am new to this forum and still learning from this. I am using Manjaro KDE 21.0

Also, I am on the stable branch and have seen an experience by someone who tried to update the system using the GUI tool, and the system crashed.
So, I have thought of a way to update the system weekly using terminal sudo pacman -Syu and ALWAYS create a back up using timeshift before doing so.

I also have a question. Let’s say if someone breaks his or her system by updates but rolls back to a previous state using timeshift, then won’t those updates get piled up. How to deal with that?

Anyway, kudos to the Manjaro team for this awesome distro.

You should check this out:

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Thank you Sir. I will follow that.
I just have one question. It did not mention how often one should update or create a back up. Can you please answer these?

You should create a timeshift backup right before making big updates :).
As for updates, i usually install them right away or maybe next day. Just don’t let them pile overtime

By big updates, do you mean the sheer number or something else? Can you say how to identify those?

Before every batch of updates. Meaning, i don’t make a backup just because of 3 or 4 package updates (unless they are sensitive, like drivers or kernel).
But i think you should backup when they’re like 20 or 30 updates

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I updated using the above tty2 instructions, but still I find that pamac gives me an alert that ms teams needs an upgrade. If this is normal, then how to correctly upgrade packages using tty2 safely, so that nothing breaks. Please answer how to upgrade it properly, will the gui tool works just as fine?

is that an aur package? try with : yay -Syu

pacman can’t update AUR packages, to update teams and other AUR packages use:

pamac update -a

ms teams was an flatpak package, and today I got an update alert from google chrome which is an AUR package? So, as you said, I installed yay, updated google chrome through it but used the pamac gui to upgrade teams. So, can you please mention any tty2 command for flatpak apps too?

Also, shouldn’t you first refresh mirrors and then only download packages using yay -Syyuw and then yay -Syu and then yay -Y --clean to remove extra dependancies?

You can do :

flatkpak update

i usually update my aur with just

yay -Syyu 

But i’m no expert here, if someone else wants to drop an opinion :slight_smile:

Also, do you always update using tty2 and then restart or use yakuake to update while using the pc, or judge based on updates like kernel and more important updates should be done with the former, than the latter? Please tell which is it.

When i see an announcement about a new update being released, i know there’s going to be a lot of updates, so i use tty2 just to be on the safe side. I’m not saying something will break if you just open the terminal and update, or if you use pamac graphical tool, i’m just saying it’s just in case.

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