How to update nvidia-utils to nvidia-utils-beta?

Hi! Im new in manjaro and my english isn’t good. I tried to remove nvidia-utils and install nvidia-utils-beta with package manager, but it didn’t work, because nvidia-utils is used by lib32-nvidia-utils and linux515-nvidia. How can I safely update my drivers without any issues and problems?

You don’t. nvidia-utils-beta in the AUR is not compatible with Manjaro as we use different kernels and driver packages than Arch does.

Anyway, there’s nothing to update to as there is currently no NVIDIA beta driver. Both nvidia-utils and nvidia-utils-beta are the same version: 515.48.07.

The real question is, why do you think you need to “update” your drivers? Seems like an XY Problem to me.

I can’t add images here. Nvidia-utils version is 510, nvidia-utils-beta version is 515. So, I thought that beta version will give me latest driver

Oh right, forgot the 510 series was still in the stable branch. The 515 series is available in our testing and unstable branches. You can either wait for the next stable update or switch branches if you don’t want to wait.

Welcome to the forum, by the way! :wave:

Thanks! Good luck!

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