How to update AUR program via terminal?

What is the command line to you update an AUR program via terminal?
I’ve tried a few commands but non have worked.
yay -Syua (didn’t work)
sudo pamac update (nothing to do it says)
I did update how ever via add/remove software since nothing else worked.

I guess you will have to be more specific …
yay -Syua should work for everything except git packages as they work differently - the AUR package doesnt necessarily update … it just pulls from source. Maybe you are referring to those?

(ex - I prefer sudo pacman -Syyu && yay -Sua --devel to specifically separate the repo/sync and AUR … and the devel for things like git packages)


I was trying to update dropbox which I finally did via Add/Remove Software after I couldn’t do it via terminal.

Maybe you installed a SNAP or Flatpak version?
Maybe you could give more information?

pacman -Qs dropbox && snap list | grep dropbox && flatpak list | grep dropbox

Dropbox flatpak got an update yesterday if its that version. You can update it through the pamac gui if it is

If you install Dropbox from the AUR and only run it headless via the command line, it auto-updates from your $HOME outside your package manager. When I pointed this out on the archived forum (pacman would report the version you installed and the running dropbox binary would report the current version), the Manjaro maintainer removed it from the Manjaro archive, writing that he considered it ill-behaved software.

Apparently, you can turn off the auto-update.

try the following
pamac update -a