How to uninstall Packet Tracer(not a regular AUR install)

this AUR package needed special steps in order to install it,
and upgrading it was not possible through Pamac; i had to manually download the Pkgbuild,put it in the build directory(after deleting the previous Pkgbuild) and then run makepkg,
so how do i properly uninstall it?

here are the install steps for it:

  1. Download the snapshot from this AUR.
  2. Tar -zxf the packettracer.tar.gz snapshot (it creates the dir packettracer/ with the PKGBUILD on it).
  3. Download the latest packettracer tarball from your Netacad account and copy it into the packettracer/ dir.
  4. Create the package with the command makepkg (it creates a packettracer.pkg.tar.xz).
  5. Install the package with either makepkg -i or sudo pacman -U packettracer.pkg.tar.xz.
    AUR (en) - packettracer
pamac remove packettracer
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that’s the normal approach,but i figured that since Pamac was unable to either install it nor upgrade it,
i might need special steps in order to remove it

The difficulty with installing and/or upgrading was due to a problem with the PKGBUILD. That file is only needed for pulling in the source code, or perhaps a precompiled package. It is not used anymore once the package is installed on your system. :wink:

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there was also a process of downloading a snapshot during the install which i never had to do with AUR packages(and i don’t know what’s that meant for).
anyhow I’ll try it through Pamac as you suggested,
i just didn’t want to be left with left overs all over the system after a failed or partial uninstall,and not being able to do it again.

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