How to turn display off instead of blanking (wayland)

Is it possible in Wayland to have the display turn off completely/as much as possible after 1min? Settings only allows you to configure the timeout before the screen blanks.
changing DPMS settings via XSET is not possible in Wayland.

Gnome version 42.2, Intel core-i3 9100, no dedicated GPU.

The option should be here: gnome-control-center → left sidebar “Energy”

Nome : wdisplays
Versione : 1.1-1
Descrizione : GUI display configurator for wlroots compositors
Architettura : aarch64
URL : GitHub - artizirk/wdisplays: Mirror of cyclopsian/wdisplays
Licenze : GPL
Gruppi : Nessuno
Fornisce : wdisplays

This is the setting I used and I thought it “blanked” the display, because that is what the setting is called: SCREEN BLANK

However I set it to 1 min and waited: indeed, the screen fades to black but then the backlight turns off and my monitor shows its own notification of going into standby, after which the white LED turns orange.
So screen blank in gnome-control-center = turn off screen :slight_smile: