How to switch to integrated graphics from grub command line or by editing the boot options

I hijacked my nvidia graphics card to use in a virtual machine, but didn’t change the default graphics card to the integrated one. Now manjaro boots to a black screen, but I can acces the grub menu. How would I make manjaro boot using the integrated graphics card from the grub menu?

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I’m afraid that’s not possible. A boot loader is only that: a boot loader. It supports passing certain parameters to the kernel and to the init system ─ in this case, systemd ─ but that’s about it.

What you could try is select the “Advanced options for Manjaro Linux” entry in the GRUB menu, and then choose the “Fallback” entry. If that works, then you might be able to set things right from there, but that’s a big “if”. :man_shrugging: