How to support the Manjaro Mate Community?

What will be the best ways to support the Manjaro Mate Community and may be on the long run recognized as a official supported flavor?

How and who needs donation to reach this goal?
Where is contribution needed?


The best way to contribute if you don't have any programming experience is bug reports. If you do, I suggest contributing to MATE upstream. Helping users and spreading the word for a greater userbase would help also, of course


I do kick in $5 a month to the Ubuntu MATE developers, who are also the developers of MATE, to keep up development of my favorite DE.

I was in love with Ubuntu MATE. Now I'm in love with Manjaro MATE.


It is officially supported, it is an official Manjaro Community Edition. Ask the maintainer @Ste74, what support he might need.
You can support and donate to them. This way every Linux (and BSD) distro will keep getting improved versions of Mate desktop and apps.


Not strictly true as UbuntuMATE developers are not solely responsible for MATE Desktop. They do however work closely with and contribute to the upstream MATE Desktop project just like the other distribution MATE Desktop maintainers. Some contribute from and use OpenSUSE, Fedora, CentOS, Debian etc.

Fairly sure Ste74 is involved upstream in some capacity too.

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