How to start programs minimized to system tray?

I found this thread about Kmail:

How can I do this for other programs (KeepassXC and Ktorrent in my case)?
At the moment, I have the two programs in the autostart entries, but that means that the windows show up. Ideally, the programs only start in the system tray.

Can be started minimized from it’s settings/options …

Desktops wants to remove the tray area, to have a nice “systemarea” (it’s like the tray, but with small apps instead of application icons).

So I dont know if thats even possible by now anymore with “random” apps.

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Can you please point me to the setting? I can’t find it anywhere…

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KeepassXC and Ktorrent have the ability to run in the tray, but everytime the program gets started for the first time, a window opens as well. I want to avoid that.

Just checked on an older install i have on an experimental machine and i was wrong about Ktorrent to be able to start minimized from it’s own settings (i didn’t used it in looong time), but i have an application settings for it (in Window Rules) and have this

Size & Position: minimized - apply initially 
Arrangement & Access: skip taskbar - apply initially

Exactly what I searched for - thank you!!

KDE is so customizable that sometimes you can’t see the wood for the trees :wink:

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hehe … and the worst part (on my side) is that i forget about them :smiley:
Nice to have such posts as a reminder!

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