How to start Krusder as root not using kdesu

Krusader can be started as admin/root by a little red icon.
That uses kdesu. Kdesu is unsafe…
How to use pkexec instead??? (using this icon, maybe env-variable?)

do not write export QT_QPA_PLATFORM=wayland into /etc/environment
==> otherwise if you click the red icon Krusader will not start.
(zsh: ==> pkexec krusader works, even kdesu krusader)

Hi @GaVenga,

This should help:


Also see:

Edit #2:



Also note that you very rarely need to run an editor as root. If you need to change a file owned by a different user, you can do it on any reasonably modern system using GVfs:

gedit admin:///etc/fstab

This runs the polkit authentication agent (asking for a password) just like pkexec does, but instead of running the editor as root, it gives it unrestricted access to a single file.

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