How to spoof to look like windows?

I don’t know how to explain but I figured out if I have master windows and virtual linux www works fine on linux and windows

If i have master linux half of the world doesn’t work on linux
If i have master linux and virtual windows half of the world doesn’t work on windows

So what I want is how to show my self as a windows when I’m using Linux on the web

I don’t want Windows at all

“doesn’t work” means what? No connection? SSL Error? DNS Error? … etc…

That can be done just by the User Agent.

Let Me DuckDuckGo That For You - LMDDGTFY

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First it loads the site.
Anything I press it just starts loading infinity and no error. Few months ago it gave me error after 10 minutes of waiting iirc SSL I had solved with cleaning cookies now nothing really helps. Like that we are in the middle of the war or something.

I tried something with user agent and now it works sometimes and later it stopped working. Darn.

I deleted cookies and still same like it remembers my ip or something but if I go to windows on same machine I have dual boot it works.

General Problem when dual booting is the time. Windows uses local time by default while Linux uses UTC (Universal Time Coordinated) by default. When using SSL, the time matters. So check if the time/date is set correctly.


ok spoofing didn’t solved my problem but I found a way to make stuff work:

I downloaded Proton VPN and it’s free and used it now everything works fine.

only draw back is VPN is 30% slower than normal connection but better this than totally off

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