How to set up Brother DCP-T220 Printer?

I have been trying to install the drivers for Brother DCP-T220 printer. The drivers are not available in AUR library. Earlier I was on Manjaro Gnome in which I was able to install using the Driver Installation tool. But in Manjaro XFCE, when I go through the process of installing, it throws an error:
bash linux-brprinter-installer-2.2.3-1 DCP-T220
Rpm or dpkg is required.
rmdir: failed to remove ‘’: No such file or directory

I even tried using the Print Settings option but the drivers were not available there too.

I was able to build using the guide listed below. I used the .deb method.
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Can you explain the process of making the file. I am getting an error because of the empty md5sums row. How to know the correct value to fill.

I don’t know the answer to that question. If you know that the source is credible, you can, at your own risk (slight) use md5sums=(“SKIP”) in your PKGBUILD.

makepkg -cs --skipchecksums

I did try “skip” value them it threw an error. I could later found the value from the downloaded .deb file.
Thank you