How to set up an encrypted RAID1?

Should I encrypt my two drives first and then set up the RAID1 or the other way around?
For now I encrypted my to drives using LUKS and created a RAID using mdadm and the two /dev/mapper/LUKS-xyz, which is syncing right now. Was that correct?

From my reading on the topic - you create the partitions - then create raid - then format the raid.

In the described case - I don’t know - the question is not that clear - and frankly I have not tried setting up luks on a raid.

I seems you are asking about two options

  • to create LUKS containers on each partition - then create MD raid
  • create the MD/RAID then create the LUKS container

From my recently acquired experience - within MD/RAID - I would probably have selected the second option - as creating the LUKS container is done before formatting the container - but it may work equally well - I really don’t know the difference here - logic would lead me to option number two.

I have been investigating the possibilities while migrating mirror to another system using MD/RAID10,far2 for the actual repository copy.

Thanks for your answer, I tried to finish it, as I’ve started. While following the Arch wiki I had some difficulties, like getting no output assembling the array or calculating the stride and stripe width. But I then simple formatted the array and mounted it and it seems to be accessible. Since I’m not going to install the OS on the array I might be okay and try some benchmarks to evaluate, if it works nevertheless.