How to set up a foot button?

Hi, I bought a foot button for transcription purposes. When I press it, it writes a “B”. How can I set up the button, that he presses like F4 or F5?


a foot button?
You can only hope that someone knows what that specifically is.

Google needs one second bro

… well, lets see who wants to guess what device your issue is with :wink:

“A foot button” is a pretty generic statement. There are many makes and models, so you would need to be much more specific about what button it is, for any hope of help.

I will say this though. The foot buttons I have worked with, is hardware defined output. Usually between Enter, Spacebar, ESC and a few other keys.

Thank you, I used a generel 10 euro foot button from ebay.

Your post is very useful. So I can not change the outpot on the computer, I have to look for a foot button with the output I want to use before I buy it

There seem to be some options to get these things to work, check out this thread on how to approach it: [SOLVED] Configuring a Philips Speech Footcontrol USB device / Kernel & Hardware / Arch Linux Forums

If the device can send something that can be mapped you can change it, it all depends on what the device can do.

Maybe key binding works?

I share this experience, altho I had to support a user with a device on windows more then a decade ago, things might be better now :slight_smile:

Well, they can now be connected via Bluetooth and such, but other than that, it’s about the same. :wink: