How to set OpenNAT in Manajro 20.1 KDE 64 bit

When I launch Warframe I get an error regarding Strict NAT. I have this problem on Windows (I don’t have Windows anymore). I heard that using a VPN can help but when I connect to ExpressVPN I get no connection.

Currently, I’m looking at these two guides.

Stack Overflow and Revsys

I just don’t want to start issuing commands without confirmation that I can reverse or won’t brick my connection. Also, I had problems to connect with the default Ethernet connection I deleted it and the system made a new one called eno1

I did various things for this including enabling the service dhcpcd. I tried DHCP-client and disabling IPV6 I just don’t know what fixed it but it got fixed after I booted the Live session and rebooted.

NAT is done at a router level unless you’re using a firewall (pretty sure)

Make sure you enable plug’n’play in your router.

I can do this with the Firewall without a router?

Are you saying you’re not using a router?

It’s almost certain you are using a router, by default they block all incoming connections but upnp is usually on.

No I’m on a bridge with no router functions

If nothing is managing the incoming connections except your firewall it should be as easy as opening the ports the game requires.

That would be incoming and out connections? Particularly Warframe is telling me to forward ports 4950 and 4955 to my local IP. How would I do this with UFW GUI?

This seems like it works but still not marking solved until a week has passed at least. The game didn’t complain this time.

If you only need ports 4950 and 4955 what’s with all the other open ones?

I’d encourage you to close these when you’re not playing to be safe.
There is probably a way automate this if you’re willing to go deep enough.