How to set linux-kernel version when building ISO?

How to set linux-kernel version when building ISO? For example, I only need linux-515 ISO, do not need linux-54 and linux-510 ISO. If I can build linux-517 ISO I will be glad to.


It’s in “manjaro-tools.conf”

$ buildiso -h                                                                                            ✔ 
Usage: buildiso [options]
    -a <arch>          Arch [default: x86_64]
    -b <branch>        Branch [default: stable]
    -c                 Disable clean work dir
    -d <comp>          Compression used for build ISO: gzip, lzma, lz4, lzo, xz, zstd
                       [default: zstd]
    -f                 Build full ISO (extra=true)
    -g <key>           The gpg key for sfs signing
                       [default: ]
    -i                 Initialize iso-profiles repo [default: v18.0]
    -k <name>          Kernel to use
                       [default: linux54]
    -l                 Create permalink
    -m                 Set SquashFS image mode to persistence
    -p <profile>       Buildset or profile [default: default]
    -o                 Enable office installer module
    -q                 Query settings and pretend build
    -r <dir>           Chroots directory
                       [default: /var/lib/manjaro-tools/buildiso]
    -t <dir>           Target directory
                       [default: /var/cache/manjaro-tools/iso]
    -v                 Verbose output to log file, show profile detail (-q)
    -x                 Build images only
    -z                 Generate iso only
                       Requires pre built images (-x)
    -h                 This help


buildiso -k linux515

It seems that linux-517 also works.

PS: the default mirror is$repo/$arch and it can also be edited in /etc/manjaro-tools/manjaro-tools.conf, like Index of /manjaro/ | 清华大学开源软件镜像站 | Tsinghua Open Source Mirror

Don’t add the dash - it will not work :slight_smile: - the kernel of the -k argument is a reference to the kernel package - which does not contain a dash - and if used will cause the build to fail.

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