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I have a notebook that has both a gtx1060 GPU and some basic intel one. To be honest I’m not even sure what is the point of having two GPUs in a notebook but it seem to be quite trendy, so that would be my first question, just why? If you have a gtx1060 why on earth would you need some basic GPU next to it?

My other question would be I tried playing CS:GO but even on the lowest settings it runs incredibly poor, under 30 fps, even though I believe the system should not have any problems running this game even with high settings on stabil 60FPS. So I guess that the intel gpu is being used with CS:GO. How could I check this and set the nvidia card as a default? I mean globally, I just really don’t see a point in using the intel card for anything.

Also there seem to be tons of drivers available both open-source and proprietary ones, and I have no idea which should be installed.

I saw some wiki posts about something like dri_prime that is about this, but i didn’t really understand what should I do. Any help would be much appreciated!

Configure Graphics Cards - Manjaro

I dont know … I cant stand those types of machines … but you bought it so there it is :wink:

Yup … that would be the normal operation

Thats either a setting in your BIOS if you are lucky or in the system “reverse PRIME” … and it will have significant impact on your heat and battery life.

Sounds like you need to understand the difference.
But suffice it to say … nvidia is a dirty proprietary player … you have to use that for the best performance of the card.

I think the wiki explains it pretty directly.
You have multiple GPU.
You use the integrated one by default … the dedicated one when you want.
The old method was bumblebee … the modern and preferred method is PRIME.
And example of using PRIME would be:

glxinfo | grep 'renderer string'
prime-run glxinfo | grep 'renderer string'

Please see again:

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This video seem to have solved my problem How to setup Optimus Manager on Manjaro! | DenshiHelp - YouTube

Too bad you followed that as it almost immediately gives bad instructions.

In manjaro we handle drivers in mhwd (or GUI Manjaro Settings Manager) … cherry-picking packages yourself is possible … but likely to cause problems if you dont know what you are doing.

I also have no idea why they need to use vim to edit a file … but ok.

Then … systemctl shouldnt require sudo. Dont use sudo when you dont need to.

…I also still think that having to reboot to use one card or the other (or just using the nvidia universally) rather than having sweet battery life by default and calling the nvidia for a game when needed is a sub-optimal solution.

But if you are happy … well … cheers for that I guess.

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