How to set battery charging limit in kde?

I want to set charging limit in my sony vaio laptop.
I’m asking this Question as I listen that it prolong the lifespan of battery of Laptops.

I buy a new battery for this laptop as previous battery dead.

use tlpui to set the threshold to min 25% max 75% as this is presumed to provide the best condition for a modern lithium-ion battery.

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It only work in lenovo laptops.

Is their any other way?

In the KDE system settings → Power Management → Advanced Power Settings

No as such option present here.


same,how come @cjean has it?

I don’t know. I don’t remember having installed something specific but it’s true I also have a Lenovo laptop.

So this seems to be a feature in the Lenovo battery charger controller.

No, I have none of these but I have tlp and powerdevil installed.

Check your BIOS if you have battery settings,in my Dell laptop I have those settings there but I don’t have any settings on KDE System Settings.

It is only for lenovo laptops.

So their is any way to set battery limit in my laptop(sony vaio)

For Dell XPS laptop, I can set it from BIOS configuration. Haven’t seen any KDE configuration for this settings.