How to set a folder.jpg image as a folder icon on Thunar?


As always, Thunar - our file manager - received a lot of features and fixes. Among the visible changes are the completely reworked pathbar, support for larger thumbnails as well as support for a "folder.jpg" file altering the folder's icon (e.g. for music album covers).

How can I enable this feature?
It works for you?

I have not tried but as with music albums - copy your favorite image as literally folder.jpg

Yeah, doesn't work

I tried this

Doesn't work either

Did you mean this

It is not really a Thunar feature, but Thunar doesn't create any thumbnails. It is always Tumbler.

This bash script and the custom thumbnailer do work for me. You might need to log out or reboot to see an affect.


Doesn't work for me
Also after rebooting my machine

Just to verify, you have imagemagick installed?

Does Thunar start tumbler via dbus?

journalctl -b -g org.freedesktop.thumbnails

Shows the "folder-thumbnailer" up as a registered thumbnailer?

journalctl -b -g folder-thumbnailer

If you choose a different name for the bash script, modify the journalctl command.

It worked only with root users rights.

I change the file's proprietary from root to my user and the group.

sudo chown myusername:users '/usr/bin/folder-thumbnailer'

sudo chown myusername:users '/usr/lib/xfce4/folder-thumbnailer'

And that's solves the problem

Thank you everybody! Solved

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Oh. Because this is a root folder and not a user folder.

This feature may have only been intended for user folders, and/or folders you own.

It is probably not suggested you go about changing permissions of system folders ..

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