How to run sekiro under steam in manjaro?

hi all … ive been messing with getting sekiro to run under manjaro. i use steam proton. it starts up fine and i can play for about 5 minutes, then x crashes and i have to reboot. not good at all.

im sure somebody has this up and running. can you please post all settings? thanks.

Which Proton version? On newest should run out of box, but if you have ultrawide screen you may need fix. And if you have any problems with Steam games it’s worth to look into ProtonDB

With proton 5.13-6 it runs without any tweaks, at least on my hardware.

i have an ultrawide screen so that might be the problem. i tried most of the proton versions. i run a fairly recent amd gpu which might be another problem. good thinking so far. on second thoughts maybe not the screen as it defaults to a narrower format anyways.

one thing im always puzzled about it does steam test their stuff only on ubuntu machines? nothing arch based? probabaly the most unreliable OS i have been on.