How to restore konsol to the default configuration scheme

I accidentally deleted /bin/zsh, and then konsol’s configuration scheme became /bin/bash/. I tried to reinstall Zsh, but it could not become manjaro’s own configuration scheme at the beginning.

And now it’s like this.

So is there any way to restore konsol to its default appearance? I really like his original configuration scheme.

In Konsole → Settings → Switch Profile.

If the process was deleting zsh using the package manager then you have also removed the package manjaro-zsh-config which then needs to be restored as well.

If you have changed your local .zshrc you can copy the original from /etc/skel (if you use a file manager - remember to show hidden files)

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Thank you so much! The original color is switched back.

But now there is another problem. It keeps telling me:

/home/tianqo/. Zshrc:12: insufficient permissions: /home/tianqo

It will appear every time konsole starts.

What’s the problem?(btw,tianqo is my name)

Line 13 and 14 in .zshrc is triggering the mesages

A guess would be you have run zsh with sudo and therefore your .zshrc has the wrong permission.

To ensure correct permissions in your home folder run below commadn

:warning: only inside your home - never in other locations

sudo chown $USER:$USER -R /home/$USER

I didn’t run zsh with sudo,and it still appera every time.
Then I ran the code according to your statement, but it still had no effect, and it was the same as the original.
Need I reboot or something?

I don’t know what it could be

OK, but it doesn’t matter. At least my original problem has been solved. Thank you again. :grin:

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