How to restore data from previous filesystem?

I planned to reinstall manjaro. I have backup my data, and replaced ext4 with btrfs. When I was ready to restore my data, I noticed that my home directory not actually backup. I want to restore my note. I have tried using testdisk, but not helpful.

How can I restore data from previous (deleted) filesystem?

If you don’t have any backups, then I’m afraid your data is gone. Only a specialized computer forensics lab would be able to recover it, and quite possibly also only in the event that the partition resides on a HDD ─ SSDs are an entirely different beast because they periodically and transparently reorder the data internally in order to avoid write amplification.



Thank you. I have given up to recover my data. It’s painful, but also a good chance to develop my habit of regular backup. I find that Btrfs can create a new snapshot very fast. I also plan to use GitHub to backup my configuration and note.

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