How to reset to factory settings?

in the beginning of january i updated my pinephone the last time. Since two weeks there is the report: “sorry someting went wrong: unable to lock database” just when i open the Software-app. When i close this report and go to the updates there is the report: “no plugin could handle get-updates”

Because of a other installation witch i would like to undo and no importaint formatations i think it would be the best to reset to factory-settings. Up to now i found no answere how to do this. Is it necessay to go familiar with github and so on, or is there a simple code for the terminal?

(And what about the reset-butten at the back of the phone?!! (looks scary to have, but seems anyhow withot use))

(Additonaly: could it be that a lot of “Apps to explore” are up to now not realy working? For exampe element? were the logo appears, but is impossible to open )

Greatful for any hint in english or german

Even if i underestimated the step to start with a pre-version PinePhone as my first real Smartphone and a hard way to discover, i´m very happy to use it and be very graeatful for alle the work!!

You can use jumpdrive - read more in above thread.

But your issue is really with the database lock.

Open a terminal and remove the lock file

sudo rm -f /var/lib/pacman/db.lck

Sometimes you are better off running the update in a terminal - using pacman - reason being pacman prompts which - some times - cannot be responded to using the graphical updater

sudo pacman -Syu
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If you want to undo a certain installation, you can also simply uninstall that package via
sudo pacman -Rns [name of the package]
Also follow the steps to remove the db.lck-file and update your system.

A lot of apps aren’t working yet. There is this list of apps with a rating of how well they work, if that interests you.

The Pinephone Starter Guide is also worth reading.

The current Manjaro-mobile images as of writing this are Lomiri, Phosh and Plasma

If you need help in German you can send me a PM.

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thank you both!
it worked out!
and thanx for the help in german offer!

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