How to reset gnome-keyring completely

I am trying to use a Pandora client called Pithos. Pithos requires gnome-keyring to function. After installing gnome-keyring, I made the stupid mistake of setting a password for it. Whenever I logged in, gnome-keyring would annoyingly and redundantly ask me for that password.

I tried removing and re-installing gnome-keyring, but that did not work. I tried removing the files from the keyring directory, as instructed by GNOME/Keyring - ArchWiki and it still did not work. I have tried re-installing gnome-keyring after removing the files, and it still does not work.

After removing the files, now gnome-keyring doesn’t ask me to unlock it, but it also doesn’t save my Pithos password. I need to re-enter the Pithos password once each time I log in.

How can I reset gnome-keyring to the point where it asks me for my default password?

On another computer with Manjaro KDE, I left the password blank and everything works exactly how it should. Unfortunately it’s looking like the only way to reach that state on this machine is to completely re-install Manjaro.

Does anyone know how to fix this?

I fixed this using Seahorse. I downloaded Seahorse and created a new Password Keyring call login with no password. I then logged in to Pithos and my password was saved without me having to re-enter anything. I don’t know if the new Password Keyring needs to be called login.