How to replicate the system installation and settings to the degree of official ISO from a base system

Recently I try to install Manjaro on a ZFS filesystem. The Manjaro-Architect doesn’t support manual mount of an existing ZFS dataset so I follow tutorials (this and this) to manually install Manjaro base system on it. (PS: credit to @dalto for helping me out with it :nerd_face:)
The question is, is there any way that I can create a full Manjaro installation from a base system to a degree of the official KDE installation? I know that I can install desktop environment directly ( Install Desktop Environments - Manjaro), but I would like to make the system as close as the official release, just in addition with the ZFS support on the installed base system.
I read another thread that I can install manjaro-kde-settings to replicate the desktop settings to the official release. Does it also install all packages that the official release has?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

What comes to my mind is if I can take advantage of the iso-profiles provided by Manjaro, and install the packages list in shared/Packages-Root in the iso-profiles using basestrap, and then install everything in manjaro/kde/Packages-Desktop, and copy everything in manjaro/kde/desktop-overlay to the base system?
It would be great if there is some reference of this proof-of-concept.

I think this concept works. I install the system on Live Media using basestrap with most of the packages from Packages-Root and Packages-Desktop and others such as zfs support, configure it for RAID1 and ZFS support, and then copy the settings from desktop-overlay from the Manjaro KDE iso profile. Then chroot to the install, edited the fstab to automount /boot and swap partitions, and configure the system with the 7th step of this tutorial, and set up systemd-boot as the boot loader. Finally, created my user account with useradd -m -G audio,lp,optical,video,sys,network,scanner,power,wheel -s /bin/bash USERNAME and systemctl enable sddm.service as suggested in Install Desktop Environments - Manjaro. The system boots into KDE successfully and get the feeling that is close to the official Manjaro KDE release :nerd_face:.
I will find some time to draft a tutorial for this, as I found the guidelines for ZFS installation on the forum is too fragmented.

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