How to replace caja with nautilus in manjaro MATE

hello guys
i use Mate DE
i wan to remove caja and install nautilus
but when i doing this
nautilus cann’t access desktop
how to install him and give him full access to desktop and other location…!

You will need to something like this…see… Using Nemo in (gtk3) Maté rather than Caja

or try Budgie, it works with Nautilus by default

thansk @manyroads @eugen-b
but nautilus now best that nemo
because of Encription and multiple file rename and many more features
and i want to be on mate
because i don’t think that budgie cann’t run android studio netbeans and any developer IDEs
nautilus work fine except one thing
my desktop folder in nautilus have folders


i don’t see it on external desktop

how to solve this problem…!

Its hould be able to run anything which can run in a window. Where it lacks are panel applets. This is where Mate excells.

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i will be honest with you
i wan to change caja
because this problem
Despite the small problem, but it’s a little disturbing
so if you can solve this i won’t install budgie or nome or nautilus or …etc

What is your default text editor set in Caja? Maybe try a different one than Pluma, a more advanced one.

i don’t know advanced text editors
recommend one !

xed from AUR - Linux Mint’s x-app, the good old gedit 3.18

or maybe Gedit

geany, which is advanced and gtk2 based

medit, which is less advanced

i install atom
but nothing changed :confused:

You might want to try several. And really try setting them as default. Either there is a setting in preferences of Caja or you right click on a file and select “Open with” then there might be a checkbox “Always open with this application”.


i try multiple editor
but this icon problem solved
when i installed deepin icon theme on Mate DE
but it less beauty than menda or maia
so how to make menda or maia like deepin icons

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At least you pinned the issue being the icon theme. Now you can look for different icon themes which work and look better. :slight_smile:

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so i wil copy my icons to /usr/share/icons/deepin
to apps or mimetypes
to enhance icon shape
any way
thank you very match @eugen-b

Don’t make such manipulation in /usr/share/icons, better copy the icon themes to ~/.cions/ and manipulate there. You can also edit the file index.theme in the icon theme folder of Maia adding Inherits=Deepin (or deepin).

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I just select icons for apps
I hope to make deepin icon theme
Suitable for all desktop environment

to close this topic
install nautilus
1-dconf editor -->org/mate/desktop/session/required componenet
select file manager and write nautilus
2-sudo pluma ~/.local/share/applications/mimeapps.list
goto line 43 inode/directory=caja-file-handler.desktop;
replace caja-file-handler.desktop with nautilus.desktop
that should be worked
well done

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