How to rename user, Manjaro MATE

I’m searching how to change the username for a user on Manjaro MATE via GUI, but I don’t find out any way.
I also tried command line, but unsuccessfully.

Can someone help me?

Take a look at this link
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Hi @visone

One of the commands I tried was that, but I’m unable to do so logged in. And I don’t manage to enter prompt before login.

Also use forum search:

I had to follow three guides to achieve what I wanted. Both mentioned in this thread an another one.

This is not a really user-friendly way to change the username. It should be more simple, as in other distros.

Can you post in the topic I linked what steps are missing?

There is no user-friendly way - as the rename of a username includes the users home folder - which cannot be renamed while the user is active.

So this is the way - there is another - which was present on the same topic in the archived forum - but it is way more complicated than the guide @eugen-b linked you to, so it has intentionally been left out.

Thanks for explanations and help.

Only a question to try to make this more easy: how do Ubuntu and deriveds manage to change username? Maybe that could be applicated here too

Using TTY, after login as root and executing usermod ..., I had to kill the process of the user executing pkill -9 -u username.

After that, I was send to logging screen and there I had to enter again on TTY.
Then, follow the guide and reboot.

Afterwards, I had to change my usernames primary group by
sudo usermod -g groupname username

Then, though changed the username, group and home folder names, I’m not able to autologin (and in fact the name displayed in the logging screen is not the new, but the old)

The guide is very clear - don’t login - You cannot be logged in as the user you want to change - which is obviously what you were doing.

auto login is completely different issue and is defined in the greeters configuration (most likely LightDM - /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf).

Sorry, it wasn’t so clear to me, as I understood each point as separated options (as it’s not an ordered list)