How to rename the external HDD from its UUID to an intelligible name?

I had an old external HDD that I have formatted from ntfs to ext4 by using gparted. Then I have launched chown -R MYUSERNAME /run/media/USERNAME/UUIDNR/ to be able to write on it (without that I would have need sudo rights to do that).

Now I can write on it and use properly but I am wondering how I could rename this disk. By now it is called by its UUID. How could I rename it for instance “Blackbird” (or “Revolution”) instead of seeing its UUID in my file manager thunar or in the mounting point (/run/media/USERNAME/UUIDNR). In gparted, I gave a name to disk but it does not appear in my file manager.

I have not really ideas but I am wondering if I could do this by modifying my /etc/fstab file? But I am probably totally wrong…

Thanks for your attention!

You should be able to mount it in etc/fstab, I have a laptop with nvme (manjaro on that) and a 1tb hdd. I mounted the hdd as home/data in my fstab

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Run this as root

#  e2label /dev/sdyX "disk_name"

I recommend to avoid space as this can give you path issues - if you need space use the low-dash (_).

If you want a more permanent predictable location - you can use systemd mount units and for removable devices like network locations and usb - it is recommended to use an additional automount unit.

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You can use names.
My last system disk, for example, a Sandisk SSD…
I wiped it and put on an ext4 partition, with the label ‘SSD’.
I set it to mount at /mnt/SSD
So it is called SSD and is my system download folder. T3 is my 3TB Toshiba, T4 is my 4TB Toshiba, W2 is an ancient 2TB Western Digital…

I used Gnome-disks to set these up, but since then (as they’re internal and not changeable) they’re mounted with systemd at boot.

LABEL=T3	/mnt/T3	auto	nosuid,nodev,nofail,x-gvfs-show	0	0
LABEL=T4	/mnt/T4	auto	nosuid,nodev,nofail,x-gvfs-show	0	0
LABEL=SSD /mnt/SSD auto nosuid,nodev,nofail,x-gvfs-show 0 0
/swapfile none swap defaults 0 0
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Thanks for your answers @sawdoctor , @linux-aarhus and @Ben !
I have made it with your method, Frede (if I may) since it seemed to me to be the easiest) and after rebooting it has completely worked!

Thanks again to you three!

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