How to rename a folder?

why i cannot rename folder? There is faded in rename option. I have swiched from windows. My disk partitions are one is GPT and another is MBR. So how can i rename that.

Thanks in advance.

Sounds like you don’t have write permissions to the folder.


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There’s your problem. GNU/Linux is a UNIX-family operating system, while Windows is a completely unrelated operating system that began its life as merely a graphical user interface on top of MS-DOS, which did not know the concept of permissions, because MS-DOS was a single-user platform for standalone personal computers.

The following read is very technical, but it explains all of the concepts, as well as some of the history. :arrow_down:


What folder? There’s a reason a user does not have write permission in the system folders. You should not be modifying files there. User files / folders are in your home directory.