How to remove ms-office-online on Manjaro Ornara?

I am trying to remove the ms-office-online app as I am using the libreoffice-fresh package, how do I remove it?

sudo pacman -R ms-office-online
sudo pacman -R microsoft-office-online-jak
pamac remove ms-office-online
pamac remove microsoft-office-online-jak

none of these work
in pamac gui when i search microsoft office online neither is listed as installed

however it is in my menu

do i need to remove it manually?

Maybe thats a shorcut that was not removed in your home folder,go to
~/.local/share/applications and search for that .desktop file,delete it and should not appear anymore in the menu.

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Here is the desktop file installed:

sudo rm /usr/share/applications/ms-office-online.desktop

Remove it and then again:

sudo update-desktop-database

Line 28:

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