How To remove luks encryption

Hey i used luks mod when i was installing manjaro Kde and i remember my passcode and works just fine but i want to remove it if i can please tell me how

Hey, did you see this Remove LUKS Encryption - #7 by linux-aarhus ?

yeah i saw it but i am a noob linux user why is using a simple option such as LUKS rather than ext4 will cause you pain in the … to remove it even when you remember your password and without even any warnings about it during installing

for that solution :

  • dose that solution erase all my data (entire disk) or just the partition ? if non of all no erasing data
  • could i use thus commands while using manjaro that is installed on the encrypted partition
  • and thank you for the reply

There are no commands there to remove the encryption but still keep your system as is.
The only way is to back up your whole system -
or just your personal data plus the system wide configuration changes that you may or may not have made -
and then reinstall without encryption, integrate the changes you made and restore your personal data from that backup.

The commands in that post just make sure that the disk is wiped clean so that the installer will work properly.
They do not in any way ensure that your data is kept!

the essence:
back up and then reinstall