How to remove a linux from hard drive safely

hello how i can remove manjaro from my ssd hard that i also installed windows on but in different partition
and install another linux instead manjaro ?
can i just boot another linux and install it on the partition that i installed manjaro on it?

… so you don’t want to remove it, but replace it with something else :nerd_face:

Instruct the installer of whatever you want to install to use the same partitions that the previous install used - re-format those partitions, then install.

No guarantees whether it will mess with your ability to boot Windows - what and how “they” do it is dependent on whatever variant of linux you use.

and as always: have a backup (plan) and a way to deal with possible glitches

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Your topic title is a little bit hard to understand.

Please see the following and edit your topic title and first post accordingly:

Maybe try some like that:

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my only backup is deleting everything

Bit rude asking one Distro Forum how to replace said Distro with another.

Now, if that is not cryptic then I don’t know what is … :sunglasses:

Say what?

There are many non-native speakers around, hopefully they’ll have a better job understanding this statement (",)

To ‘replace’ Manjaro on, say ‘sda’ then you can simply install to ‘sda’.

If you install something to a partition with an exisiting partition, then it will be re-formatted.

Yes, simply boot with the other Linux’s live USB and install it over the same partition Manjaro is in.

Assuming you have three partitions in your disk:
/boot/efi - Boot efi
/ - root partition of Manjaro
[windows partition]

In the installation wizard simply select “Custom partitioning” option and set the existing /boot/efi and / as your new boot-efi and root partition respectively. It should replace Manjaro and set up a new Grub with your new Linux and Windows options.