How to remove a desktop flag?


my Problem is the following:

After I followed these instructions:

i got this in my application launcher:

as i wanted it. But now, i want to delete this special entry for matlab in my application launcher. So i want to undo the instruction i followed. How can it be done?

thx for help.

Not in front of my computer right now, you should be able to right click on your application launcher and to select edit applications IIRC.

Well, you “can’t” really. What you are seeing there, is the file that baloo has found for you. So it will show up, when you search in the menu.
If MatLab really had an entry in the menu, you should be able to browse to it, via the menu categories, which I doubt, since that would also have been listed in the search.

If you want to remove the entry, you would need to purge the baloo database and disable baloo so it doesn’t index it again.

mmh, sounds not really practical. actualy strange…i think i just set a desktop flag for a file… makes me really wonder that it shouldnt be able to reset this desktop flag. to make it clear: before i set the flag, the file link wasnt exposed that way in the appllication launcher.

but already thx for your help