How to remotely control linux from linux

I Have two laptops, both having Manjaro XFCE installed.

As there are 7 virtual terminals in Linux and we can use them by

  1. Ctrl Alt F1
  2. Ctrl Alt F2
  3. Ctrl Alt F3 and so on

Both are connected on same WiFi.

  1. Laptop A, as Client
  2. Laptop B, as Server

I want laptop A to remotely control my laptop B, from any of its virtual consoles.

I don’t want just ssh access that’s easy.

I Want the complete Linux Desktop in My Virtual console.

Is that possible? If so please guide. I have looked for many sources but people just tell methods of connecting windows to windows.

Their are remote control softwares like anydesk or team-viewer but they Both need an internet connection to work.

so How to overcome this problem. if this thing is possible it would be easy for us to use at least 7 computers in 1 computer.

Thank YOU!

You can setup VNC, but it only works within a GUI session.

run vnc over ssh or just plain vnc if only local network - that way you can have as many users connecting as the system can handle

X2GO would be another option.

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anydesk can use ip to connect.
not use ID.

I do use X2GO over ssh (local or over Internet with one fixed IP/DNS), also over reverse ssh. X2GO does work fine with xfce.