How to reduce swapiness in manjaro linux



My main workstation is spec by the need of doing the - very often - recompile of one or more angular apps.

anyone knowing ng2 and ng2-cli will know that web - watching and regen of typescript and html will require lot af action.

well - knowning my ws is above averege - also - I got it cheap - could not afford the lower ram spec.

Runing a win64 virtualbox - running a win10-64 with visualstudio 2015 and running a webserver and running in linux an ng2-dev-app which connects to the api of the win1o - you get the picture …

thats why my hwd is somewhat above nerdy …


Which, for example ? I don’t use swap since more than 6 years and i never met one. :confused:


I have no special programs for you guys.

In the beginning, where Adam, Eve, Linus and Tux where born… it was needed.
As i started with Linux it was strongly recommended to create a SWAP partition - but i do not have an example of a program who works with this.
So i kept my SWAP and as i switched to Manjaro i acted as everytime.

And guys:
I own a 64 GB SSD and had a Windows 7 on 48 GB and Xubuntu on another 8 GB, so plenty of space to save cells for trim and had a 1 GB SWAP partiton.

You will remember me one day, when everything fails, the machines rise and … i will be back!