How to reduce sensitivity of a wacom bamboo tablet?

Hi guys.

Recently, I got into digital drawing using an old wacom bamboo tablet.

As soon as I plugged it in the system detected it and I could use it straight away, pressure sens and tilt working perfectly.

In the gnome settings app, I am able to change the pressure sensitivity and program the buttons on the tablet and pen.the pen is extremely sensitive, too sensitive to draw. All the lines I draw(even though they are relatively straight IRL) are squiggly messes.

Is there a way to reduce the sensitivity? I realize that I may just have a naturally shaky hand and this could all just be because I am new to digital drawing, but I think lowering the sensitivity and using this as training wheels would be better.

Thanks in advance.


Just to make sure, the sensitivity settings refer only to the presure, how hard or how soft you have to press for the line to be drawn. The shakiness to the line is correlated with the speed you can draw a straight line from point A to B, and also with the brush type you use, depending of the Graphic Software you use (MyPaint, Gimp, Krita, Paintstorm, etc)

In MyPaint you can make use of the Smooth settings of the brush. Examples:

  • This will make the lines follow your exact dynamics of your drawing gesture

  • This will smoothen it, aka use a delay to draw it, hence no more shaken lines

In Krita you make use of the Tool Options when you use the Freehand Brush Tool. It has 4 levels:

  • None - will reproduce your hand dynamic 100% (more or less)
  • Basic - useful when you want to Snap to Assistants guide lines or perspective, but still using your drawing dynamics
  • Weighted - has multiple options that can be enabled or disabled, used in combination, the distance a stroke will mimic, etc.
  • Stabilizer - that combines some features from above and introduces the stabilizer; useful for ink/lineart work

Hope this comes handy, and if you have some more questions let me know.

Happy drawing!


Thank you! This answers everything I needed to know.

Ok extra question. How do I access that menu in Krita?

Needs to be enabled in Krita > Settings > Dockers > Tool Options.

You can set the interface of Krita the way you want. Enable all Dockers and see what each does, what options provide and what functionality. In time you will be able to optimize it the way is more efficient for you.

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