How to recover data from android phone?

Hi everyone ! I am using Manjaro KDE. Yesterday, my Android phone died (literally) and i want to get my last pictures.
How to recover data from Android phone that won’t turn on anymore?
thank you for your help !

If it has an SD card and you set your camera app to save the pictures to a folder on that card - just take out the card and use another SD card reader to get your pictures.
If it doesn’t have an SD card or if you didn’t tell the App to save your pictures there
and if the phone does not turn on anymore
you could rely on an automated backup which you could have set up while the phone was working …
Otherwise - some hardware guys might be able to read the pictures off of the memory chip on the board of the device.
… not easy, nothing you can do, time consuming - and probably not cheap :man_shrugging:
nowadays, the memory of the devices is encrypted by default - no chance to recover your files in that case

You could try to use ADB - but that will only work if the phone can be turned on.
It doesn’t need to boot fully - just the working boot loader could be enough to connect and get to your pictures.

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Depends on how dead it actually is. Maybe only the screen is broken, so you could try to access them as before.

You could also install a custom bootloader and use fastboot or adb commands to retrieve the files. However, I’m not up-to-date with this anymore so my knowledge is outdated by a few years.

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Did you have auto backup to Google Photos?


Thank you very much for your replies. The images are in the phone’s internal memory and it no longer turns on. So I googled for a Windoze solution and I’m going to try it through Wine…

yes but not for the day yesterday

:skull: forget it - there is nothing you can do.

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