How to reach Manjaro Team Contact

Hi, I didn’t know exactly where to put this, but,

I won’t make any links to the Ubuntu Community Form, but I am making an Ubuntu Cinnamon remix-and there is no way of getting 4.0.1 and the latest I can get is 3.8.9. So, I would like to be able to contact the Manjaro Development team on getting Cinnamon 4.0.1. (hopefully if possible, on Ubuntu)



P.S. I think I will stay and make accounts in other linux distro communities, because I can help people who don’t use Ubuntu or what not

Huh? Wouldn’t the Ubuntu community, the Mint community, or even perhaps the Cinnamon GitHub page be way more qualified to help you with that? I mean, Mint devs managed to publish Cinnamon 4.0.X on a Ubuntu 18.04 base.

Manjaro use Arch as a base, and is a completely different environment than Ubuntu.

Btw, the lastest version of Cinnamon 4.0.X is 4.0.9. I don’t know why you absolutely want 4.0.1 precisely.


Thats just not how ubuntu devlopmet happens though …
Besides what frog said, if there will/would be a 4.01 cinnamon available … it would be in some sort of dev/testing/beta stream already. They just havent pushed it to you yet. For all we know they might skip a handful of versions (which is usually the case). They do the same thing with kernels. They know a kernel version exists … but it will never be worked on or released for ubuntu . they will choose one and freeze it and serve it and do it to the next thing.
If you dont like that … dont use ubuntu/mint/etc.

I don’t get it. Whenever I do a search on any Linux topic, Mint and Ubuntu are the only hits returned. Yet any Ubuntu or Mint user seems to always get referred to the Manjaro forum. What’s up with that?

Is this some twisted Google conspiracy or what?

Enquiring minds want to know.


I agree with Frog here.

To get the new Cinnamon on Ubuntu, you need to talk to a distro that makes .deb packages, like Mint or Ubuntu themselves.

Cinnamon desktop is developed by the Mint team (last I heard), so you should be able to get the packages from them.

Some petty trolls have a bone stuck in their craw over Mint not being #1 on Distrowatch. I am sure MX will be getting peppered with them soon enough.


MX is quite good from what I can tell.
I feel sorry for the fallout from ‘windoze power uzers’ who will try to vulkan+ppa+some-script-I-found+why-no-latest-software+etc = why doesnt it work ?


MX is a top notch distro. Their implementation of Xfce with quite a few user friendly tools, and a no-systemd default makes it unique, and very usable. So yeah, I feel real sorry for the crap they are going to have to deal with.

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Why should Manjaro work to get Cinnamon 4 on Ubuntu?
That doesn’t make sense at all; Manjaro is based on Arch and in no way related to Ubuntu.

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