How to provide good information

dmesg requires sudo.


missing option --no-host for inxi


I thought this post was locked.
But modern inxi shouldnt require --no-host

…oh look, Stable still has a stale version. Not sure if its implemented there?

Depends on config … is that the default ?

I think it was changed by the Manjaro team.

You probably have switched it off by changing the setting in /etc/sysctl.d/99-sysctl.conf

echo 'kernel.dmesg_restrict=0' | sudo tee -a /etc/sysctl.d/99-sysctl.conf

Yeah. Changed in May 2019.


It also possible install via pamac/pacman ( in GNOME ia already there ) manjaro-logs-helper


What online service does it use to send to ?

PS - the inxi is odd. Its missing things like boot params (-a), and is also doing pointless -c0 which is ‘no color output’.

PPS - restored simpler inxi command thanks to stable update and added m-l-h

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The topic is a good start :+1:t2:

I recommend to describe how to replace the username within the logs with the person’s forum account name.

Since each log has a different layout, a “simple” addition of “pipe sed” of all mentioned commands does not suffice unfortunately.

All of them should work fine with something like this:

COMMAND(S) | sed "s/$HOSTNAME/HOST/gI" | sed "s/$USER/USER/gI"
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  1. I’m going to say is one last time this year: inxi --full --admin --verbosity=7 --filter --no-host is better than inxi -Fazy :innocent:

  2. Could you change that to:

    export LANG=C; inxi 

    As for anyone that has an English version installed, it doesn’t do any harm but for any other language out there, at least we’ll get the output in English…



For this purpose I agree with @Fabby regarding the usage of the long version of parameters.

The export is not needed:

LANG=C inxi ..

is better, as it sets the language only for this one command and not for the remaining shell (which could confuse some people).

Most of the time, I ask for multiple commands (inxi, journalctl, … so then an export is :sunglasses: as it keeps the English version until the terminal is closed…)

So it’s easier on the end-user: they now know to type export LANG=C before providing any output in the future…


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For applications it could be useful to add something like:

  1. Start the application in a terminal and post the output here.
  2. Where to find the command for the application
  3. check --help and see if there is a verbose or debug mode.

Would be easier to quote it instead of writing it again and again :slight_smile:


Ad icons for Manjaro-helper for luncher

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One of those uses the old Manjaro logo … also … this image is a medical sign. We don’t provide medical help, is technical help :wink:

I agree that you provide technical support but the technical support brings peace of mind and therefore partly medical treatment! Do you agree? If I change the red of the cross to green, for example, it may refer to technical assistance!


No, I do not agree.

Green Cross is a symbol of nature and life, so no …

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ok I respect your position and I was preparing some alternative proposals. If you want to see them i’'ll send them

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Any proposals are welcome, as long they are following some design standards and symbolism meaning is not projected all over the places. :slight_smile:

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example to display code

uname -a