How to protect your computer

If it is your personal computer,would you protect the computer?How to do?If the computer has a lot of important data or personal privacyinfo,what can you do with your computer?
That is what i thought:
Setting a login password to prevent access by strangers
Set a protection password for documents/worksheets/workbooks.
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or use ufw or gufw.

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Run Manjaro Linux. Make a strong user and root password. Install a Linux firewall called firewalld. Turn service firewalld on and load the firewall configurer and make sure you make default zone to drop. Make changes permanent

I see now it is for win, that make sense, win secure tip in linux forum.

I use a guard dog, wifi cameras, tripwire, and a solid arsenal of firearms. No one gets near my PC without a fight.

But seriously, solid passwords, and encrypt things if you're that nervous about theft/loss.

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For a Windows computer, keep it off the Internet, lock up the computer in a vault and throw away the key. :thinking:
Just saying.


The most secure Windows ever -
and built to stay that way.

Yeah! Legendary. :roll_eyes:

I have a firewall with IPS and antivirus on it directly behind the modem/router.

have a separate, encrypted partition for /home (different pw to your login one too)

You need to describe in what environment you want to use your computer. Then it will be possible to derive a threat model. Then one can formulate security policies.

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... then use one of several possible encryption methods.

A login password can be changed/removed when physical access to the computer is given.

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