How to properly install/use wireguard in 2022?

Wireguard is apparently a better option to use than openvpn and it is in the Linux kernel also?

I am on 5.15 kernel using KDE.

How do I install wireguard on Manjaro in 2022?

I searched the internet and this forum and there isn’t a comprehensive install and usage guide for wireguard.

Arch Wireguard wiki is a bit complicated also.

I want something simple without much config cause messing up a VPN config defeats its purpose (security). I am comfortable with commandline.

You don’t need to install anything, wiregurad is part of the Linux kernel since 5.6 .

If you want use userland tools like wg-quick or wg. Then you need to install wireguard-tools

The config depends on your VPN provider. If you are your own VPN provider, go back to the Arch Wiki, read it and understand it. Otherwise you can’t use wiregurad securely.

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