How to prevent kernel updates in the future?

This day has been a total disaster for me. The stable update broke my system and there was no package any more for Nvidia 340xx in my mid 2009 macbook pro. I managed to collect information and compile the driver by myself, but I do not want to do that in the future. Therefore I would like to prevent totally any kernel changes in the future. This macbook is an old one, but it still serves well. In any kernel change it will broke again.

How can I prevent any future kernel updates in pamac?

You can add kernel updates to your ignore list in the pamac gui but I wouldn’t recommend it. If you use a LTS kernel then you shouldn’t have issues as the only updates to the kernel will be security patches

I use an LTS kernel (5.4.), but still the update broke it. The update also removed driver support for 340xx and I needed to compile drivers by myself. All kernel updates will broke them again.

We will see on how Nvidia 340 can be used and supported thru AUR via dkms.

At the moment AUR packages are broken also.