How to pin apps to the panel in manjaro xfce?

I’m running manjaro xfce in my laptop.When I add a program to the panel it adds itself as a launcher. Is there any possible way to make this work like in windows,where you pin an application and when it opens it opens to the same pinned icon, rather than having two icons of the same program(the app launcher and application itself) when running.

not in the default panel.

Sorry, XFCE has not such a function as far as a know. But in Gnome you can add apps to favorites and it behaves like “pin and unpin”. No idea about KDE.

there’s an old program called dockbarx, but it hasn’t been updated in years, not even sure it still works.

also if you want to run 2, you can use plank dock.

If you install Mate as extra (DE) is possible that u ask 4!

Installation mate (DE)

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